Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk

Hypnosis for anxiety and hypnotherapy for panic attacks in Colchester, Essex

Colchester hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety is on the rise

I have been astounded by the increasing number of new clients coming to my Colchester hypnotherapy practice for anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms over the last year. Anxiety differs from stress. My clients who are suffering from stress will usually tell me that they can identify what it is that’s causing them their problems, and can agree that at some times they don’t feel the stress at all, whereas most people who suffer from anxiety find it difficult to explain exactly why they feel anxious – and that to some level the anxiety is with them all the time.

Does hypnotherapy work for anxiety?

National anxiety charity Anxiety UK agrees that there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that hypnotherapy for anxiety can be hugely effective and beneficial to people suffering from anxiety.

Using hypnosis for anxiety we can work together to understand the root cause of your issues and tackle it there, as well as dealing with the physical effects of your anxiety. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective for reducing your psychological reaction to whatever is triggering your anxiety, as well as teaching you relaxation strategies that could mean your panic attacks become a thing of the past.

As an anxiety treatment, hypnosis can create positive effects for the individual in as little as one session. With further sessions and use of bespoke hypnotherapy for anxiety MP3 recordings that I create for you, you could experience an end to the anxiety for good.

Is hypnosis for panic attacks effective?

Panic attacks are usually experienced as sudden and intense period of fearfulness that can often cause the sufferer to fear that they are having a heart attack or breakdown. Symptoms of panic attacks include:

  • Chest pains
  • Sweating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Pins and needles sensation in the body
  • Feeling of terror
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Feeling faint and dizziness
  • Shaking

Using hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help you to be aware of what is triggering your panic attacks as this can often be something that you are not even aware of. Hypnosis can teach you how to control the level of stress that you feel and to help you to stop the panic attack from growing in intensity because you are able to control your reaction to it.


If you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy for anxiety or hypnosis for panic attacks in Colchester, Essex could help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

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