Driving test hypnosis / hypnotherapy (colchester, essex)

Pass your driving test with hypnotherapy

pass driving test with hypnosis (Colchester)

Are you sick of failing your driving test when you know that you are a capable and safe driver?
Do you drive confidently and skilfully when you are practising but fall to pieces when test day comes around?
Do you make mistakes in your driving test that you never make with your instructor?

Are you ready to pass your driving test now?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then you are ready to discover how using hypnosis to pass the driving test could be the key to your success.

Repeatedly failing your driving test is frustrating and demoralising – not to mention expensive! I see many clients who just don’t understand why they are failing when their instructors say that they are perfectly capable drivers. During lessons they are calm and confident, but as the test day approaches they become more and more anxious and nervous, the thoughts of what might go wrong clouding their belief in themselves.

How Colchester hypnotherapist Victoria Ward can help you pass your driving test

Together we will try to understand WHY you keep failing your test, looking at everything that happens in the build up to the test, to the points that you fail on themselves. After an initial consultation during which I will find out all the unique circumstances surrounding your experience of taking the driving test, we will enjoy some doing some hypnosis together to instil deep relaxation and begin to build up your feelings of confidence and self-belief, taking you through your test day and visualising everything going exactly to plan. I will record this session for you, to listen to regularly until we meet for our second session.

Repeated positive visualisation has been proven to be a very successful technique for passing your driving test.

As the brain cannot tell the difference between something that is vividly imagined and something that is real, by repeatedly visualising a calm, confident and successful driving test you will be free from nerves and anxiety when the day comes around – as instead of failure and disappointment, your unconscious will be expecting success and positivity.

What will happen after that?

Alongside traditional hypnosis, I will teach you breathing techniques to use in the build up to the test and while you are driving that will help you to remain calm and mentally focused, and help you to uncover your qualities and personal resources that you will be able to make use of to pass your test.  Sometimes we might look a little more into your personal history for evidence of negative experiences or emotions surrounding being ‘judged’, ‘tested’ or anxiety around being centre of attention, and use therapeutic techniques to ‘undo’ the negativity that these create. Or it may be that you hold some deep-rooted limiting beliefs about yourself, such as that you are a failure, or you don’t deserve to pass your test. If so, we can work on freeing you from them to lessen their impact when the day for your driving test come around.

Often, clients will report that hypnotherapy helped them not just to pass their driving test, but to feel more confident about themselves in general, seeing improvements in other areas of their lives.

For more information on how hypnotherapist Victoria Ward (based in Colchester, Essex) can help you to pass your driving test with hypnosis, get in touch for a free telephone consultation, or call 07716 274 720 now.


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