Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for pain relief and control in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for pain relief in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk

Hypnotherapy for pain relief without the side-effects

Living with chronic pain can be completely debilitating. It can impact on every aspect of your daily life, limiting your activities and restricting your freedom to enjoy life. Cognitive Hypnotherapy for pain relief in Colchester can change that by

Reducing the level of your pain
Altering your perception of the pain
Changing your response to your pain
Resolving the trauma that may have initiated the pain
Helping you to come to terms with your pain
Improving your emotional and mental wellbeing

Pain and the brain

Need convincing that you can control your pain level without drugs? Consider the stories of soldiers at war who find untold strength in rescuing their comrades, despite being severely injured themselves. When your focus is on something other than your pain, your perception of that pain is considerably reduced. Would you notice a paper cut on your thumb if you were racing to save a child crossing the road in front of a car? Probably not. However, when we focus directly on our pain, we tend to feel it more intensely. How much does a paper cut sting when you’re sat at home with nothing else to concentrate on!

What this tells us, is that your perception of pain is subjective – and it can be switched on or off. Understanding this is the first step towards conquering your pain.

Hypnosis for pain relief

This can sound unbelievable when you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for many years, but it really is possible. Amputations and other surgeries have been done with hypnosis as the only form of pain relief. Women who use hypnosis for childbirth – including me – report having had a ‘pain-free’ experience. In clinical trials, patients given a placebo when they think they have been given morphine experience pain relief just as if they had been given morphine – simply because they believe they have!

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How I can help you to conquer your pain

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for pain relief might include reducing tension in and around the affected area first – which alone can be remarkably effective in reducing pain. We might then bring the sensations of pain under your control so that you can reduce the level of pain directly. We could also change the way you perceive you pain, perhaps transforming tightness and pressure to warmth and comfort. We can reduce your fear of pain, which often only serves to intensify it, and calm any anger or depression that it brings on. If your pain has no known source, we could use hypnosis to try and discover what initiated the pain, and resolve any trauma behind it. Finally, I have a whole toolbox of techniques to boost your mental and emotional wellbeing, including your self-confidence and belief in yourself. When we feel better about who we are, we can cope better with whatever life throws at us.

* Pain does have a vital purpose in letting us know that something is wrong. It is essential that you have consulted with a medical professional before seeking hypnotherapy for pain relief with me. I cannot advise you on whether you should take any medication or not.
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