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Colchester hypnotherapy for stressRelaxing is easily said and done
with Cognitive Hypnotherapy for stress

You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve read the newspapers and unfortunately it’s all true: Stress is a killer. The good news is, hypnotherapy for stress is an extremely effective tool to combat this growing problem.

How stress affects our bodies

While short bursts of moderate stress can serve to keep us more alert and motivated, when left unchecked stress potentially becomes lethal. When we feel threatened by something – real or imagined – our mind orders our body to go into fight-or-flight mode, activating the stress response to motivate ourselves to try to survive. Evolutionary speaking, preparing to either get the hell outta there or to stand and fight would have been the perfect response to seeing a rather hungry looking sabre-toothed tiger or the neighbouring troupe of cannibals on their lunch break. Nowadays however, we are becoming anxious at modern things such as impending deadlines, unpaid electricity bills, troublesome teenagers and all manner of health issues.

Unfortunately, while those things that trigger our stress have evolved, our physical responses to them haven’t.

And so that stress we feel over an unpaid bill doesn’t just last a few minutes until we can escape it, it keeps affecting us until we can find a satisfactory resolution. Which, as we all know, can take a very long time. And while we are living inside that stress bubble, which is caused by a psychological interpretation of the situation at hand, all sorts of physical effects manifest that help to make life seem that little bit harder to cope with.

How can hypnotherapy for stress help?

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s a simple one: Relax! Wait, before you hit me… there’s more. You know you need to relax. Your friends and family know you need to relax. Your colleagues know you need to relax.

Then why is it so damn hard to relax!

Hypnosis for relaxation

Simply telling ourselves to relax is rarely enough. Cognitive Hypnotherapy for stress is extremely effective at triggering the antidote to the stress response – the relaxation response. There are a number of ways we can achieve this goal: We can work together to combat the physiological symptoms of stress as they occur, such as changing your stressed breathing patterns to the way you breath when you’re relaxed effectively tricking yourself into a state of relaxation; we can look at events in your life up until now that mean that you may not always be able to look at a situation from different angles, and change your perception of them; we can find the mental and emotional resources that you need to deal with the issue that is causing you stress and anxiety; we can help you to make a decision that you will be happy with to help you resolve your stressful situation.

And the best thing is, you can take everything you learn with me back out into the world and have it available to you whenever you need it, so that you need never feel so stressed again.

Get in touch with me to find out more about hypnotherapy for stress in Colchester, Essex. I can tailor-make the perfect therapy programme to help you learn how to relax and take control.

How does stress affect me?

When we become stressed or anxious, the brain activates the stress response in the body and several things happen: The heart beats faster and we breathe more rapidly, blood flows away from the stomach and reproductive organs inhibiting their functioning, our visual and auditory focus narrows, and hormones are released which suppress our immune cells. As I’m sure you can imagine, an immune system that remains suppressed for any length of time is not good news to a body that wants to remain healthy, nor a poorly functioning digestive system or a repressed reproductive system. 

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