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Hypnotherapy for PTSD and Trauma Resolution

Bullying, violence, injuries and shock can have a lasting effect.

Finally be free from traumatic memories and start to live the life you deserve
with hypnotherapy for PTSD and trauma in Colchester

When we experience a traumatic event it is deliberately stored by our unconscious mind as a powerful memory designed to help us avoid repeating the trauma again in the future. The power of the memory of that trauma is so strong, that we can experience panic, anxiety, physical discomfort and fear should be come into contact with anything that might be somehow related to that past event.


A traumatic event can be anything that brought with it a significant amount of unpleasant emotional arousal. This could be a bullying event from our childhood, receiving unexpected bad news, being attacked, being involved in an accident, seeing a shocking event, and any other strongly emotional experience.


Simply put, to keep us alive. Once upon a time, the majority of things that would have caused us to have a big emotional reaction (whether we express it on the outside or just feel it on the inside) would have been potentially life threatening. Think stumbling upon a hungry sabre-toothed tiger while out foraging for berries, or accidentally upsetting the tribal chieftan and getting slung out of the village to fend for yourself. These things could very well have meant your untimely demise, so the human brain evolved to develop an alarm system, whereby if we make such a mistake and survive, it does it’s hardest to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again.

Now, while some traumatic events that happen in modern day society are potentially deadly (e.g. traffic accidents, violent assaults, a misplaced foot on a cliff edge), many of the things that cause us a flash of emotion these days aren’t. For instance, seeing a shaming comment on social media left by a bully could send you into a spin, but is unlikely to kill you. Nor is reading an incriminating text message from your partner to another person. However, if you have ever experienced something like this, you’ll know that you also experience the rush of adrenaline, the spike in emotion and the flash of fear that would come in a more immediately dangerous situation.

That’s because the human brain hasn’t evolved quickly enough to be able to distinguish between events that are actually life threatening, and those that are emotionally disturbing but not deadly. So, to be on the safe side, it records the alert as potentially dangerous, and makes a note to keep this moment present in your memory so that you can avoid it again in the future.


Hypnosis for trauma and PTSD (including flashbacks) is one of my specialist areas. I use the latest findings and research into neuroscience to work with the way the brain functions to reduce the emotional attachment to these past traumatic events. Together, we will literally reprogramme the way the brain stores the information from these events, so that they no longer hold any emotional strength. The techniques I use make fundamental changes in the brain, that mean that you will notice – often immediately – a significant change in the way you think about a past trauma. When there’s no need to hold onto the memory in such a powerful way – after all, feeling shame and fear when you recall abusive memories from the past aren’t actually going to keep you alive in the present – we will work together on letting it go. The way I work isn’t just about talking about these past events. In fact, we can do a lot of powerful work without you even telling me about what happened. It’s about making actual, noticeable changes.

If you have experienced a past event or events that continue to have repercussions on your life now, get in touch to find out how I can help you to move forward. 

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