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I have launched a separate site for my Colchester, Essex life coaching
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I coach my Colchester life coaching clients to get what they really want from life, whether that’s in their health, relationships, career or any other sphere. When I first started life coaching, I discovered that I have a really great knack for quickly getting to the heart of an issue, so that we can really begin to investigate what’s holding you back while we figure out together how to propel you forward.

Why you should choose Colchester life coach Victoria Ward

Life coaching is unregulated, meaning that anyone can set themselves up at a life coach without any training or qualifications. Many people offering life coaching in Colchester and Essex will have learned some goal-setting techniques, and probably consider themselves to be good problem solvers.

What makes my Colchester life coaching unique, is that my coaching is SUPERPOWERED with Cognitive Hypnotherapy. So while we look at your goals, aspirations and dreams, I am also properly qualified to help you:

Identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goal and helping you to let go of them completely. If these limiting beliefs stem from childhood events or past traumas, I am skilled and qualified to work through them with you and facilitate change on a deep, subconscious level. Yup, I can do that. And if something comes up that’s scary, you can have total confidence in me that I can get you through it.

Break free from habits and patterns in your life that are halting your ability to change and progress. An unregulated life coach might be able to help you see those habits and patterns, but will have very few effective techniques for smashing them. Guess what… I do!

Change your thinking completely. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective tool for coaxing the brain into new ways of thinking, feeling, believing and acting.

I’ve also picked up a few little secrets about the human experience along the way, that are, quite simply, mind-blowing. The conversations we’re going to be having, are going to set the cogs whirring long past each session ends. And once the cogs start whirring, change is a-happening!

I also offer online life coaching via Skype (for men and women), so you can enjoy the excellent benefits of coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home or office.

What will my Colchester life coach do for me?

Life Coaching…

  • Inspires you to become the leader of your own life that you were born to be
  • Supports you in creating a sustainable and suitable work/life balance
  • Helps you to decide what to do next in your career and life, creating a plan and supporting you in making that change
  • Challenges and overcomes the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Increases your resilience, confidence and self-belief, putting you back in touch with the resources you were born with that will enable you to achieve your dreams
  • Improves your influence in any sphere of life
  • Makes a difference in your life, so that you can make a difference in the world
  • Inspires you to become a more authentic and inspirational role model to others

What you can expect from Colchester Life Coach Victoria Ward

When we commit to working together…

  • I will guide you to create an inspiring vision for your life that will galvanise you into action beyond your comfort zone
  • I offer you an experienced sounding board, mentor and supporter to help you influence others and communicate your ideas effectively
  • I will provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment designed specifically for you to overcome your challenges and obstacles
  • I will challenge you with the aim of you develop new and empowering thinking
  • I provide accountability to make sure that you stay on track and what you want to happen, happens


I also offer online life coaching via Skype (for men and women), so you can enjoy the excellent benefits of coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you’re looking for a Colchester life coach, and you want someone who can help you to dream big and achieve those dreams, get in touch with me on 07716 274 720, or drop me an email on Let’s talk.


I have launched a separate site for my Colchester life coaching
over at


* Life coaching is unregulated. People calling themselves a life coach have no means of being struck off for inappropriate behaviour or unprofessional practice. There is no governing body to hold to which they must hold themselves accountable.

** I hold the first externally-verified hypnotherapy qualification (The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) that existed in the UK, as well as having achieved Master Practitioner level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Oh, and I learned a few goal-setting techniques along the way on those courses too.

My Colchester personal coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy practice is located at the Lexden Health Practice. I am conveniently located for Chelmsford, Braintree, Kelvedon, Clacton-on-Sea, Sudbury, Ipswich and Manningtree.

I offer bespoke hypnotherapy and life coaching in Harley Street London, Colchester (Essex) and Dedham (Suffolk) areas. I treat everybody as an individual and tailor each hypnotherapy session accordingly. I do not believe there is a 'one-size-fits-all' solution to any problem, but that we are all unique. If you are looking for hypnotherapy or coaching in Colchester (Essex) or Ipswich (Suffolk), get in touch and I'll tell you more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how it could help you.
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