Hypnotherapy Testimonials Does Hypnotherapy work

Does hypnotherapy work?

Testimonials for Colchester Hypnotherapist Victoria Ward

I had been biting my nails as long as I could remember. I’d tried many times to stop but failed. It affected my self esteem as I never felt I looked smart. 
The session was enjoyable and interesting and Victoria made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I could not be more impressed and pleased with the result. My nails are strong and healthy and I no longer bite them. After one session, I felt I understood the reasons why I had this problem and believed I was able to solve it. With follow up from the audio that Victoria made for me, I managed to let my nails grow and continue growing. I now have strong healthy nails that I even have to trim and can paint attractive colours as well. My self confidence in my appearance and in general are enormously improved. It is a very pleasing transformation. I would recommend Victoria to anyone who has a problem they can’t solve or an area of their life they would like to improve.  G. V, Berkshire

It was lovely working with Victoria, I trusted her immediately. She brought a level of curiosity to my problem that made it fun to work on and that meant it didn’t take long before it began to disappear all by itself. I highly recommend her work and would happily work with her again. S. B, London

Victoria Ward has a warm, caring nature and had a very calming presence.  She is knowledgeable about her subject and offered lots of advice.  I found our session together to be very helpful and I’d definitely consider seeing her again if I had another issue I wanted to resolve. J.S, Ealing, London.

As soon as I met Victoria I knew that she could guide me and help me find a way improve my life and deal with issues that were holding me back. Using cognitive hypnotherapy those changes have taken root and I am happier, healthier and for the first time since becoming an adult I’m excited about my life. R. M, North London

I went to see Victoria to help improve my confidence which was a issue in my present job. I didn’t quite know what to expect. However Victoria quickly put me at ease. She has a naturally calming manner which really helped me relax and be able to focus on the work that we were doing. She taught me a number of different techniques that I was able to use immediately and the more I used them the more confident I became. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Victoria as a therapist.
H. D, Brighton

I worked with Victoria to help me with some performance coaching to help me run in a more relaxed style. I used to be able to do this when I was younger but now I get too tense and end up out of breath and with aching muscles. Victoria has a gentle, relaxing and professional style and I found her very easy to trust. The coaching was simple and very effective and I now find that my running is much more fluid than it used to be, to the point where I can run without constantly feeling as though I’m out of breath. I would definitely recommend Victoria.
T. B, Peterborough

I went to Victoria to get help with my phobia of other people’s eating noises. She made me feel very comfortable, and it was fascinating to work with her on discovering the likely source of this problem. Since my session – and the follow up recording she made me – the problem has greatly improved. I no longer need to avoid situations where I might hear others swallowing. The feeling of discomfort does occasionally return in times of stress – but Victoria has equipped me with a way to manage it, which helps me very much in the moment. I would recommend her services very highly, and intend to return for help with all my other fears and issues!
 P. S, London

I participated in two hypnotherapy sessions with Victoria and found them to be highly beneficial. I have suffered for 2 years with severe back and sciatic pain and this in turn was leading to depression and rising anxiety levels. I found Victoria put me at ease quickly with her voice and she showed me some great strategies to deal with my anxiety levels and help turn the corner. Victoria showed a high level of professionalism and customer care and the sessions were extremely relaxing. Will book again in the future!
 R.H, Colchester

I had a number of hypnotherapy sessions with Victoria when I was undergoing my third and final round of IVF. After four years of trying to conceive and the pain of two failed cycles, I was finding it hard to believe the third round had any chance of working, and just wasn’t able to think positively in general. This left me feeling incredibly low and hopeless about the future – which was having an profound impact on many areas of my life. In just a couple of visits, Victoria helped this dark cloud to lift, enabling me to believe that the IVF could work and that my dreams of becoming a parent could become a reality. She was also extremely approachable and sympathetic, which made the process all the easier for me as the client. I am delighted to say that the cycle was successful, and I am now happily enjoying a healthy pregnancy. I firmly believe that Victoria’s help had a positive effect on the outcome of my treatment and I cannot thank her enough for her help. C.O, Colchester

I would highly recommend Victoria as the results I have experienced are remarkable. Having previously had little success with conventional therapy, CBT for depression and related insomnia I went to Victoria – specifically as she had studied at the the Quest Institute (which I had heard was the leading college of Hypnotherapy). Over the course of a small number of sessions I have experienced great and lasting improvement – none of which I achieved previously through conventional therapy. Victoria is totally professional and an excellent therapist. C.A, Wivenhoe, Essex

Within a short space of time Victoria enabled me to change some of my behaviours and responses which were having a negative impact on my life into the new behaviours and new responses that I wanted to have. I highly recommend Victoria to anyone. She was clearly very knowledgeable and skilled at her profession.  I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Victoria, and able to open up to what was a very rewarding experience. F.B, Tiptree, Essex


Does Hypnotherapy work? Testimonials for Colchester Hypnotherapist Victoria Ward.
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