Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety can come in many shapes and forms, including panic attacks. It is treatable with Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Trauma & PTSD

Emotional distress – including bullying, abuse, accidents and attacks – can cause long-lasting and devastating effects.


Get to the root cause of what’s fuelling your lack of confidence, and build yourself up again from the inside out.

I can help you to be free

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to be free from whatever is holding you back in your life.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based, solution-focused therapy that aims to resolve your issue in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is NOT about spending years in therapy.

Hypnotherapy for Trauma and PTSD
Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety
Coaching for Confidence
Life Coaching

Appointments in Colchester, Wivenhoe and ONLINE

With Harley Street coach and therapist Victoria Ward.

I am also a business coach.

Whatever it is that she does, it works! Thank you Victoria for helping me to find freedom!

R. Wright

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Colchester, Life Coaching Essex and ONLINE

If you’re looking for something to change in your life, I can help you. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety & stress, living with the after effects of trauma & PTSD, want healthier habits, or learn how to find more confidence, so that you can do more, achieve more, be more in any area of your life, Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Colchester and ONLINE with Victoria Ward can help you make that change now.

How can Hypnotherapy and Coaching help?

Above, you can see some of the areas in which I can help. However, coaching techniques with Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Colchester can be applied to many issues, including addictions, eating disorders, fertility, and phobias. You are warmly welcomed to call me to discuss any needs you have, to see if coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be right for you.

I am passionate about helping you improve your life. I am passionate about helping you to live the life you’d love to live.

Live the life You'd Love to Live

Online Therapy & Coaching

A growing percentage of my work is done online now, so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home, saving you time and money. Almost all issues can be worked with over Skype or Zoom, just give me a call to see if it would be suitable for you.

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Colchester Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy gives me the tools to help you change what’s within you that’s holding you back from achieving your best life. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gives you the inner resources to turn your dream into a reality.

Hypnotherapy for Trauma and PTSD treatment in Colchester
Hypnosis for Anxiety therapy in Colchester
Freedom from Flying Phobia in Colchester

Colchester Life Coaching

Coaching is a way of helping you to uncover what it is that you really want from life, of getting clear on where you are now and where you want to be, then figuring out how you’re going to do that through taking action.

Work/Life Balance coaching for entrepreneurs
Life Coaching for a motivated high-achievers
Coaching to be your best self

How I can help

ONLINE and Colchester Hypnotherapy Services

Below, you will see some of the areas in which I can help. However, coaching techniques with Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be applied to many issues, including addictions and eating disorders. You are warmly welcomed to call me to discuss any needs you have, to see if Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be right for you.

Life Coaching

Colchester Life Coaching to help you live the life of your dreams. Also available ONLINE.

PTSD & Trauma Therapy

Many of our unwanted behaviours in the present stem from experiences in the past.


Colchester Hypnotherapy for confidence could change the way you live your life forever.

Fear & Phobia

Hypnotherapy in Colchester for phobias could help you to live free from your biggest fear.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy has a 71% success rate of resolving anxiety in four sessions.


Colchester Hypnotherapy can resolve the symptoms of stress leading to a calmer life.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an Evidence-Based therapy.

Quest-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists are the only hypnotherapists that have evidence-based research specific to our approach to therapy, and whose inhouse-funded research project is listed with NICE in their research area.

In a peer-review study published in the Mental Health Review Journal, research found that Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is 71% effective for the treatment of anxiety and depression compared with other talking therapies (such as CBT) which are only 42% effective.

Read more about the published research here.

About Victoria

I want to help you to live the live that you’d love to live.

• Fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

• Gained the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), the first national externally accredited hypnotherapy qualification

• Comprehensively insured

• Registered member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)

• Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Colchester hypnotherapist Victoria Ward

Get in touch


The Lexden Health Practice, 10 Victoria Road, Colchester, CO3 3NT


Appointments available on line using Skype, Facetime or Zoom.


07813 251 152

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