You are the one and only

victoria ward life coach


We can get so caught up in the comparison game, can’t we? As you walk your path through life, judging yourself against others and finding yourself lacking. Thinking you’re not doing it right, not getting it right. Not doing enough, not having enough, not being enough.

You look at where you’re at and see where others are who appear to be further ahead, and then you beat yourself up for having failed.

What you forget, though, is that your story is uniquely yours. It isn’t a replica of someone else’s, it is yours and yours alone.

Of course, learning from those who have gone before you is wise, but if you try to copy them, to be them, to emulate them exactly, you can be nothing but a pale imitation of them. A second rate copy.

But when you are your one unique self, you can do it more perfectly, more exquisitely than anyone else ever could.

Who you are, your background, your history, your experiences are yours alone. Your accomplishments, milestones and accolades are yours. Your vision, your mission and your dreams are yours alone.

Go out there and be you, wonderful you!