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We are talking about trauma

The transformational power of trauma People are talking more about trauma. And that is a good thing. It’s a fantastic thing. Because by talking about it, we learn about it and understand it. And by understanding it we can educate ourselves on others not only on how to be there for people who are living […]

Is it true? – Overcoming your conditioning

A comment on my post on Facebook yesterday posed the question: How do you overcome the conditioned influences that have been accepted by your brain?   The basic answer, is to programme in new positive thoughts and behaviours to overwrite the negative ones. This will weaken the power of the conditioned responses until the brain […]


You are the one and only

Hey We can get so caught up in the comparison game, can’t we? As you walk your path through life, judging yourself against others and finding yourself lacking. Thinking you’re not doing it right, not getting it right. Not doing enough, not having enough, not being enough. You look at where you’re at and see […]

Anxiety Specialist in Essex (Colchester)

Victoria Ward Anxiety Specialist To Book an Appointment, call Victoria on 07813 251 152 or email info@victoriawardhypnotherapy.com I help people to resolve life-limiting anxiety. Anxiety can be so overwhelming and uncomfortable, that it causes sufferers to live within an ever decreasing comfort zone.  


There’s a back-to-school energy about September that feels full of possibility and excitement. Summer has refilled our tanks with sunshine and is slowly retreating, getting ready to allow autumn to scatter her beauty around us. I love this time of year. It’s a time to set new goals and start to create intriguing opportunities to […]

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fear of flying breathing technique

Breathing Exercises for Flying Anxiety When we panic or feel anxious, our breathing gets shallow and fast. The sensation of this alone can cause us to feel even more panicked. There are various different breathing exercises that you can try, to find which one helps to reduce your panic. Being familiar with one of these, […]

Help for Fear of Flying FAQ

Fear of Flying FAQ I know logically that flying is safe, but why am I still so scared? Estimates vary, but as many as one in six of us are afraid of the safest form of travel. Yet despite knowing that flying is the safest form of travel and that you have more chance of […]


What is PTSD and Trauma

Understanding PTSD and Trauma What is PTSD? PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a disorder that may arise after a person has experienced (directly or indirectly) a traumatic event. The term PTSD was first used in the 1980s. Before that, it was most commonly referred to as ‘shell shock’, as it was observed […]