Hypnosis Therapy for Phobias and Fear in Colchester

Hypnotherapy for Phobias in Colchester

Hypnotherapy for phobias and fear in Colchester

Turn your fear into indifference and start to live with hypnosis for phobias and fears.

Fear is one of the strongest influences on the way we live our lives. Fear can hold us back from achieving our full potential in life, from stopping us living the life we’d love to live. The good news is that hypnosis for phobias can be a fast and powerful solution. This is because:

Fears and phobias are learned in life, and can easily be banished forever

Whether snakes and spiders send shivers down your spine, or public speaking and social engagements break you out in a cold sweat, Cognitive Hypnotherapy for fear and phobias in Colchester, Essex, can help you to defeat them for good.

Phobia and fear hypnotherapy in Colchester

Using light hypnosis I can change the way your mind reacts to those thoughts and images that normally make you fearful, so that instead you could feel indifferent to them. My extremely simple techniques can work on any fear, from a fear of flying to a fear of being in enclosed spaces, a fear of dogs, needle phobia, fear of heights or a fear of embarrassing yourself in public.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can also be very successful for taking the pain and fear out of traumatic memories, helping you to free yourself from the shackles of a past event that replays in your mind and prevents you from living how you want to live in the present.

Trying not to be scared is like trying not to be curious. You can’t banish it from your psyche, so you may as well learn to rule it

– Danielle LaPorte, The Firestarter Sessions

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It might sound strange, but fear is essential. Fear is inevitable. Fear is totally natural. Without fear, there probably wouldn’t be much of the human race left after the sabre-toothed tigers had filled their bellies. It’s fear that told us to get the hell up the nearest tree rather than go in for a cuddle with the cute kitty with the pointy teeth.

Resolve phobias with hypnotherapy in Colchester

Unfortunately, evolution hasn’t worked as fast on our minds and bodies as it has on our social environment. And while sabre-toothed tigers may be a thing of the past, they have been replaced by aeroplanes, elevators and terrifying experiences in front of rooms full of people. But while the things that scare us have changed, our response to them hasn’t. Yet, it’s just not socially acceptable to scream and shout to be let off the plane, or to hide under the table when its your turn to speak at the meeting.

But what you can realise is that not everyone has the fear that you have, that somewhere along the way you’ve picked it up where others haven’t, and you can just as easily put it down again.

What if your fear didn’t hold you back? What if your fear no longer had control? What if you saw your fear for what it was and realised that it couldn’t hurt you and it couldn’t kill you? What if you could choose not to be afraid, easily and painlessly? What if you could understand the purpose of your fear, respect it and still master it so that it no longer has control of your life? What could you achieve then?

To find out more about Colchester Cognitive Hypnotherapy for phobias and fears, get in touch with me to arrange an obligation-free chat to see how I can help you.